Sunday October 1, 2017

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Villa Colombo Vaughan, 10443 Hwy 27, Kleinburg

A New Start

Marks a New Start for Rally for Vita

Dear Friend of Rally for Vita,

The first thing that you'll notice is that our background image is a running shoe and not a motocycle. No mistake! It was done intentionally. Throughout history, the 7th year of any event, function or partnership is ordinarily the transitional year and Rally for Vita is no exception. As such, the rally has undergone a transformation of sorts: that is, we're leaving our motorcycles in that garage and opting for running shoes - yup, runners sneakers, high cuts, etc., - you know what we mean. Truth be told, we want to extend our reach to include more members, families, and staff. And, your participation is warranted more than ever! We have a beautiful day scheduled, chock-full of eats, drinks and good times.

Register now for the 3K or 5K run, walk, skip, hop, - we won't judge, so long as you register. The routes are designed for all skill levels, whether you're a first-time entrant or a seasoned triathlon athlete.

Grab some friends and join us at Rally for Vita.

In Support Of...

Providing Safety, Practicing Respect, Promoting Community

Vita Community Living Services is an organization made up of people who are committed to serving people who have intellectual disabilities and/or mental health illness with respect and dignity. We realize that we earn the trust of those in our care every day. We have been successful in creating a structure that minimizes hierarchy and maximizes communication.
To help us achieve excellence, the members of Vita's Self-Advocacy Group provide feedback and offer helpful critiques of our care. Our Executive Director and the members of our Board of Directors are committed to supporting, not controlling, the organization. All the members of our management team have embraced the idea of welcoming individuals from institutions as well as those who come to us from their families. We believe that all individuals, regardless of their personal challenges, should have a home and a place in the community. We are here to welcome and serve, to listen with our eyes and our hearts, and to honour the trust given to us by individuals with disabilities and by their families.

Mission Statement

Vita Community Living Services and Mens Sana Families for Mental Health provide safety, respect and community through services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health needs.

Vision Statement
  • Create a safe place for individuals to live and work.
  • Develop an atmosphere of trust for all.
  • Respect cultural heritage.
  • Practice positive management for staff.
  • Follow direction from members regarding personal goals and dreams.
  • Aspire to provide open access to all with mental health and/or intellectual disabilities regardless of their need.
  • Encourage members, families and staff to provide insight, oversight and feedback.
  • Promote the idea of voice for all, members, family and staff.
  • Provide opportunity to access all the community has to offer.
  • Educate the larger community about the value of those with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Understanding that safety is a basic human right.
  • Treating everyone with dignity, honesty, respect and compassion.
  • Being a caring and professional organization
  • Having progressive, innovative and adaptive personnel
  • Promoting the achievement of individual choices, dreams and aspirations
  • Respecting individual right.
  • Fostering the Italian Canadian heritage of VITA's origins with disabilities. Challenge ourselves to stay current, stay fresh and stay committed.


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